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Free Solar Inspection

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NOTE - Inspection may vary slightly depending on desired product type, i.e. Solar Panels, Solar Water Heater, or Ground Mounting


Included in your FREE site inspection & evaluation: 

  • Current daily electricity usage - Current daily electrical use is determined by calculating average daily usage over one year.
  • Azimuth of home - Which direction the structure is facing - South is optimum, East and West usable
  • Roof inspection - Must be in very good condition, then checked for shadows that may fall from trees, roofing jacks, chimney, or other obstructions. Angles, roof pitch, and determination of best placement is considered 
  • Check power box - Availability for new connections is determined 
  • Inspect water heater, and plumbing - Only necessary for solar water heating 
  • Safety concerns, and access for installation. 
  • Determine solar system size - Based on your needs 
  • Discuss available rebates, incentives, and tax credits. 
  • Determine price of solar system