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Solar Information

DSIRE - National searchable database to find Incentives, Rebates and Federal Tax Credits.
PGE - Solar Information Database

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The solar power industry is steadily rising, and solar panels are starting to become more affordable. Why should you invest in your own solar power system?

Protect yourself from future price increases in utility-supplied electricity. Data from the U.S. Energy Information Association shows that the price of electricity has increased about 3 cents/kWh in the last 10 years and is projected to keep growing.

Solar systems provide a good backup, sense of security incase of electrical cuts.  Become independent of the electrical grid, completely self-sufficient with electricity.

Become environmentally motivated and reduce your dependence on energy sources such as fossil fuels and coal by using a clean and renewable energy source. Investing in green energy contributes to fighting global warming.

Not available in Nevada.

We offer:

  • A FREE COMPLETE on-site solar inspection and analysis
  • We discuss all aspects of your solar project so you fully understand your options
  • We use our own licensed, highly skilled solar installers
  • We assign a project coordinator to oversee your project from start to finish
  • We have years of solar installation experience
  • We use state of the art products from name brand companies

Make us your solar contractor of choice for your solar installation. Free yourself from the cycle of forever rising high costs of electricity. Get your absolutely FREE on-site solar inspection and consultation today! We serve the Sacramento area, San Jose, Redwood City, Bay area communities, Redding, and Concord, CA. 

"If the total output of the Sun was gathered for one second it would provide the U.S. with enough energy, at its current usage rate, for the next 9,000,000 years."

The Tax Credit: applies to the TOTAL COST of the solar installation. You can use the entire credit for the year your solar was installed, or part of the credit for the year it was installed and the other portion of the credit the following year. The federal credit applies to both solar electric, and solar water heating installations. So, what are you waiting for? Energy costs will only continue to rise. Free yourself from that endless cycle. Go green, save money on your power bills, and get a tax credit to help offset the cost of your new solar system. Contact us today!!!