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High Quality Interior Window Trim - QuikCase window moldings surround the interior of your home's windows, enhancing and beautifying their appearance. QuikCase window moldings come in many styles, so you can choose one that is just right for you!  



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Enviro-First Windows by Quality First

Enviro-First is Quality First Home Improvement's own window line. The Enviro-First Window Series redefines the standard for energy savings, year-round comfort and ease of maintenance. Quality First Home Improvement selected a renowned window manufacturing partner to develop our Enviro-First Window Series. Together, we incorporated numerous exclusive enhancements resulting in a custom crafted hi-end window with superior design, energy efficiency, and durability. 

The heart of every window is the Eco-10 Insulated Glass System. Utilizing the ultimate performance glass, insulating Argon gas fill, a triple seal structural foam spacer, and innovative Neat coating that lets nature clean your windows — The Perfect Glass System no matter where you live.
Expanded view of the A.Eco Coating. Eco-10 Low Emissivity glass is coated with a microscopic 12 layer patented formula with three layers of Silver. The ultimate balance of energy savings, solar control and high visibility. Argon Gas Fill B.Non-toxic, odorless and invisible Argon gas fill enhances the overall energy efficiency and can increase Total Window U Value performance by as much as 12% vs. traditional air fill. ESF Spacer. C.Our exclusive revolutionary white silicone structural foam spacer with multi layer Mylar barrier provides triple seal performance, superior insulating gas retention, extremely low thermal transfer to assure long term durability that is backed by a limited Lifetime Warranty.
D. Naturally clean glass — Let Nature do the Work – A Titanium Dioxide layer reacts with sun to decompose organic materials on the glass. A Silicon Dioxide layer creates an ultra smooth surface and Hydrophilic action to disperse water evenly or “sheet off ”.